IDG Contributor Network: SteelBrick masters the money machine — raises $45m in Series C

SteelBrick is a company that is built for a new way of doing business. For those unaccustomed to the vagaries of product pricing and quoting, the fact that a vendor exists (in fact, many vendors exist) to help with this process might seem a little ...

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This Kickstarter project wants you to build your own smartwatch

The Blocks smartwatch can be customized and upgraded piece by piece to add features like better battery life and GPS.

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Windows tablets for business hit 10% share in second quarter

Microsoft has recently shown improvement in Windows smartphones and tablets shipments for use in businesses.Microsoft and its Windows devices globally accounted for 6% of business smartphones and 10% of tablets in the second quarter of 2015, breakin...

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Activist Ancora threatens another proxy fight at Shutterfly

(Reuters) - Activist investor Ancora Advisors on Tuesday ramped up pressure on Shutterfly Inc, saying in a letter that the digital imaging company has failed to quickly address concerns that shareholders voiced earlier this year, and threatened another...

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Windows 10 Insider dawdlers face blank screens Oct. 15

Windows 10 users who have not updated their Insider preview since early July have until Thursday to get the latest code or face staring at a blank screen because the PC won't boot.All builds issued between Jan. 23 and July 9 -- there were 11 builds ...

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Toshiba follows Microsoft with Windows 10 hybrid notebook

Equipped with a high-precision pen, the new DynaPad is designed for taking notes and drawing on the screen and can convert between a laptop and a tablet.

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Silence is only fueling Motorola’s Marshmallow meltdown

It would have been bad enough if any Android manufacturer had left two recent high-profile phones off its Marshmallow upgrade list.

It would have been bad enough if one of those phones had been last year's flagship.

It would have been bad enough if the other had been released a mere eight months ago.

It would have been bad enough if one of the phones had been sold specifically under the promise of "great customer service and software upgrades that continue long after you buy" it.

And it would have been bad enough if the manufacturer in question were Motorola -- a company that built its entire reputation around the promise of timely and ongoing upgrades.

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Lightning strikes again for Apple, as new accessories go their own way

Apple's newest Mac accessories use the same proprietary connection as its iPhones and iPads, dashing the hopes that it would embrace a more universal alternative.

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Twitter cuts engineering team, lays off one in 12 employees

Twitter will lay off up to one in 12 employees as it streamlines its product road map, new CEO Jack Dorsey told his workforce on Tuesday morning.The company will in future focus "on the experiences which will have the greatest impact," he wrote in a...

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Twitter suspends two sports accounts after video sharing complaints: NYT

(Reuters) - Twitter Inc suspended two high-profile accounts that posts highlights while games are on, after major U.S. sports leagues protested, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.

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